Palkinnonsaaja 2022: Katarina Reuter


In 2013, the Fine Arts Academy of Finland launched an art prize called The Fine Arts Academy of Finland Prize. The prize is awarded to an active Finnish visual artist who has not yet received a financially significant art prize and whose work is deemed internationally interesting.

The prize is awarded in collaboration with EMMA (Espoo Museum of Modern Art) and the City of Espoo. The prize consists of a significant financial award (€45,000 in 2025), a solo exhibition in EMMA, and an exhibition publication. The prize is awarded every three years and the next time will be in 2025.

Awarded artists and nominees:

2022Awarded artist: visual artist Katarina Reuter
Other nominees: visual artist Taneli Rautiainen and visual artist Vappu Rossi
2019Awarded artist: sculptor Aaron Heino
Other nominees: visual artist Alma Heikkilä and sculptor Kim Simonsson
2017Awarded artist: visual artist Outi Pieski
Other nominees: visual artist Jani Ruscica and sculptor Emma Rönnholm
2015Awarded artist: visual artist Camilla Vuorenmaa
Other nominees: photographer Sanna Kannisto and painter Janne Räisänen
2013Awarded artist: Tuomas A. Laitinen
Other nominees: visual artist Petri Eskelinen and photographer Anni Leppälä